Best Cheap Daily Data Plans From Network Providers In Nigeria

Network providers in Nigeria still offers daily data plans to give access to the internet on daily basis. To journey into the internet world, you need to be equipped solidly with internet data and if you have things to download, and movies to stream, one of these daily data plans from different network providers in Nigeria can be your saviour.

Glo Daily Data Plan

The network offers 2GB for N500 and 1GB for N300. If you have a good network coverage from Glo Nigeria around your location, you should opt for this plan by dialing *777# and follow the on-screen instructions.

MTN Daily Data Plan

For 4GB for N500 which valid for 2 days and only works on newly registered SIM, simply dial *131*1*1#. For N500 for 2GB valid for 2 days and 1GB For N350 valid for 1 day can be activated by dialing *131# and follow the on-screen instructions. Additionally, for 1GB for N200 can be activated by dialing *131*65*2#.

Airtel Daily Data Plan

Airtel has Binge data plan which works on all devices but valid for 24 hours. It’s mainly designed for those who have some important files to urgently download.
For 1GB for N350 daily Binge plan, dial *141*354# and for 2GB for N500, dial *141*504# and note that all Binge plans valid for 24 hours.

9mobile Daily Data Plan

The network has Moreblaze 50% data bonus to offer their subscribers. It works this way, try to always renew your current data plan to get 50% of data bonus on your next recharge.
For example, you buy 1GB data bundle and you renew it before it expires, you will get 50% of 1GB which will be 1.5GB data bonus with same validity period. Simply dial *200*3*1# to get started.
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