[MUST READ] Say No To Abortion As A Solution... See Tips To Avoid Unwanted Pregnancy


Many young girls today have become Baby Mamas while still in school. Some get lucky that they eventually end up together with the men responsible for the child, while the others get to raise the child alone- Single Mom. It is trending but it can be avoided. Maybe you’ve heard some “facts” about pregnancy (and ways to avoid it). Like, a girl can’t get pregnant the first time she has s3x. Or that you can’t get pregnant if you are on your period. Right? Wrong. Learn how to separate the myths from the facts. A girl can get pregnant even if:

she is having a period

she does not have an orgasm

she does not have v@ginal intercourse very often

she has v@ginal intercourse standing up

she urinates right after s3x

a man pulls his p3nis out of her v@gina before he ejaculates

she jumps up and down after intercourse

she hasn’t had her first period yet

she is under 12 years of age

it is her first time

The man only touches the outside of her v@gina with his p3nis.

If you know you are not ready to be a single mom, here are some things you need to do when dealing with your partner.

       Don’t have unprotected s3x:

Make sure you use C0ndom if at all you want to have s3x with your partner. Leave skin to skin kind of s3x to married couples who are ready to parent a child.


S3xual abstinence or restrain is the simplest way of avoiding unwanted pregnancy especially self-restraint from v*gi*nal intercourse is the only 100 percent operational means of preventing pregnancy.

      Birth control / contraceptive pills:

Birth control pills are a medication that women take to prevent pregnancy. They are referred to as 0ral contraception; the pills release hormones that affect different parts of the body.

Abortion is not a solution, prevent unwanted pregnancy.


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