OMG! OSUSTECH Female Student Rushed To Hospital After Taking Sniper


A 200-Level OSUSTECH female Student have been rescued from the cold hands of death after attempts to commit suicide.

The young lady, StechiteGist choose to remain anonymous had been facing a lot some months back over the issue of School Fees.

It was reported that she locked herself for 2 days in her room, and the third day, when her friends came to visit her, she was already rolling and shouting on the floor, in which they found sniper mixed with water next to her.

She was however rushed to the hospital after the dirty scene, in which she managed to survive.


After several interrogation, Gistfans learnt that she struggled to pay #100,000 out of #150,000 school fees after several hustling and assistance from friends.

It was disclosed that the university will be starting exams on Monday, and she needed to pay up before this upcoming Monday.

The lady in so much pain and agony, wept bitterly and was so fed up with the situation.

We hope she finds external assistant from philanthropists who could help with the remaining balance of #50,000


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