[REVEALED] Types Of Hugs Ladies Issue And Their Interpretations


For those guys out there with the mind that a hug from a lady means she has amorous feelings for them, here’s a cheat sheet of the types of hugs ladies give and what the hidden meaning behind those hugs.

Full body hug

This hug isn’t just a casual embrace involving her arms alone it entails all her body part clinging to yours and sending a signal to you that she wants you so bad.

Head-on-the shoulder hug

This means the lady feels secure around you she might not love you yet but if you play your game right she could be yours in no time.

Arm around the shoulder hug

Welcome to the friend-zone! If a lady gives you this type of hug know that she only sees you as a friend and nothing more. It could be a warm hug or just a casual embrace with a pat or two on the back, this indicates that she likes you as a friend and also expects the same from you.


Not every lady who gives you a tight can’t-catch-my-breathe hug wants to be romantically involved with you. This is the kind of hug you are likely to receive from someone who misses you like a long-distance friend, relatives or siblings you meet after a long spell.


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